International Seminar Workshop on European Law


The independence of the judiciary in Europe

An independent and impartial judiciary is the cornerstone of the Rule of Law. For a long time, this was deemed to be an axiom, and the Member States of the EU and the Council of Europe were countries aspiring to observe these principles.

This axiomatic truth has been nonetheless questioned in Europe during the last decade, and the illiberal regimes are alleged to attack on the judiciary in order to escape from the shackles of checks and balances.

These controversies made necessary to rethink how the European legal order should address these questions. The present workshop intends to explore the role of judicial independence in European law in different contexts, the alleged attacks on judicial independence and the mechanisms to defend it.

Based on the experiences of the fruitful cooperation started in 2020, the workshop aims to discuss these current topics in an international environment by sharing views and experiences between the students of the University of Vienna and the Masaryk University Brno.

Registration via u:space from Mo 12.09.2022 to Mo 26.09.2022

Preparatory meeting: Tuesday, 11.10.2022, 12.00-13.30 SEM31

The final allocation of places will happen in the preparatory meeting.

The seminar takes place in Čejkovice ( from 24th to 25th of November.

Accommodation will be paid and the University of Vienna will cover 50% of the travel costs.

Also suitable for ERASMUS students.

Afterwards you will have the opportunity to write a diploma paper (Diplomand*innenseminararbeit):


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaeger, LL.M.