Finding a topic


In addition to interest and above-average examination results in the subject of European Law, languages skills (German, English and French; knowledge of another European Union languages is desirable) are a prerequisite for the acceptance of a dissertation.

As soon as you have concrete ideas about your dissertation topic, you can make an appointment with me for an interview. I politely request both the presentation of a concrete topic and a preliminary concept (approx. 3-5 pages).

Before the initial interview, please send me one or two of your own scientific papers (essay, thesis, seminar paper, term paper, or similar). Since acceptance for the dissertation also requires relevant knowledge in the field, please send me copies of your certificates (European law, constitutional and administrative law, as well as any other relevant ones in the chosen subject area).

If supervision seems to be within the realm of possibility, we will fix a preliminary working title of your dissertation already in the first meeting (or in further meetings).

Concept development


The next step is the preparation of a concept, which should be about 15 pages long and consists of a still preliminary outline and a bibliography. In a further discussion you will elaborate why your topic is suitable for a dissertation, what concrete legal problems arise and what your research question(s) are.

The outline represents the envisaged structure of the thesis. The bibliography can be concise and should only include directly relevant works, not general works (textbooks, commentaries, survey literature).

The decision on whether to accept supervision will be based on the concept, subsequent discussions, and any revisions to a formal dissertation exposé.

I kindly request your participation in one of my seminars.



Finally, you submit the dissertation topic together with the confirmation of supervision, the dissertation agreement and the exposé to the Study Service Center.

Here you may find the curriculum of the doctoral program of legal studies.

General information about the doctoral program process is available here.

A total listing of approved and non-approved dissertations can be found here.