Elective Field of Specialization European Union Law



ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alina-Maria Lengauer, LL.M.


General information

A total of 18 ECTS must be completed in order to complete an elective basket.


Educational objective

European law affects almost all areas of national legal systems. Excellent knowledge of European law, its methodology and its influence on the law of the Member States is therefore required in all legal professions.

Building on the knowledge acquired in the main lecture, the participants will be taught the methodology and general legal principles of European law in the core area courses, the knowledge of primary law as the "constitutional law" of the EU will be deepened, the concept of the internal market will be dealt with in detail and the dynamics of European integration will be clarified on the basis of the development of European private law.

In the elective area, the complexity of the courses offered enables an extension and/or specialisation within European law.



A prerequisite for the acquisition of an elective basket pass in European law is the successful completion of 9 ECTS of courses in the core area and 9 ECTS of courses in the elective area. This results in a total of 18 ECTS to be completed.



Registration takes place separately for each of the courses in the elective basket. The registration modalities depend on the respective course you would like to attend. After successful completion of the 18 ECTS, the completed elective basket pass including a collective certificate must be handed in to Prof. Lengauer at the Institute for European Law.