Stud.-Ass. Barbara Justen


Schottenbastei 10-16 (Juridicum)

1010 Wien

Stiege 1, 5. Stock

E-Mail: barbara.justen [AT]



Changed office premises for the period from 21.2.2024 to 15.05.2024 due to renovation work:

1010 Vienna, Schottengasse 10, office M03

Curriculum vitae

Barbara Justen has been studying law, linguistics and translation studies at the University of Vienna since 2019. She gained her first experience in legal practice at the federal state parliament of Vorarlberg and as a student assistant in a Viennese notary's office. She also participated in the European Law Moot Court 2021/22 and is a board member of the Austrian Society for Legal Linguistics.

Since January 2022, Barbara Justen has been working as a research assistant at the Department for European, International and Comparative Law where she helps editing the EUV/AEUV commentary (Manz).