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Professor August Reinisch elected member of the International Law Commission (3.11.2016)

Univ.-Prof. MMag. Dr. August Reinisch, LL.M., Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna and Head of the Section for International Law and International Relations, was elected member of the renowned International Law Commission (ILC) on Thursday by the United Nations General Assembly

The ILC consists of 34 internationally recognized experts of International Law. Its core responsibility is the codification and the progressive development of international law. The ILC hence plays a crucial role within the framework of International Law. Its work resulted in drafts for highly important treaties, such as the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations or the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

Professor Reinisch was nominated as candidate by Austria and gained votes of a great majority of the UN General Assembly at the elections held on 3 November 2016 in New York. He will serve in this prestigious position for the term 2017 - 2021.

Prof. August Reinisch speaks at the UN General Assembly in New York (27.10.2016)

In a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly during its 71st session, Prof. Reinisch gave a speech in front of representatives of all UN member states. The meeting of 27 October 2016 focused on the report of the International Court of Justice on its work in 2015 and its role in settling disputes between states. Prof. Reinisch highlighted the importance of the International Court of Justice for the international community and addressed crucial issues in this regard, such as the necessity for states to recognize the ICJ’s compulsory jurisdiction, to promote the rule of law, to increase judicial dialogue between international courts and tribunals as well as to further the aim of non-proliferation.

A video of the entire speech is made available under the following link:

Prof. August Reinisch makes Statement on behalf of Austria at the Legal Committee of the UN General Assembly (25.10.2016)

In the 6th Committee of the United Nations General Assembly (Legal Committee) Prof. August Reinisch made a statement on behalf of Austria concerning the latest report of the International Law Commission. In his speech, he provided legal comments on various topics of the agenda, amongst others on the protection of persons in the event disasters, the identification of customary international law as well as subsequent agreements and subsequent practice in relation to the interpretation of treaties.

A video of the entire statement is made available under the following link: