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Seminar Papers

Each semester numerous student papers are produced in the course of seminars held at the Section for International law and International Relations. Some of them are of remarkable quality. This led to the idea to offer students the possibility to publish t

heir essays on the internet. The selection will be made by the faculty members conducting the seminars. We start with a number of papers which were presented in my seminar on International Economic Law in the winter semester 2003/2004.

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The contributions are the intellectual property of the authors and may only be used with exact citation. Suggestion for citations:

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Wälde-Sinigoj, Max

UN Immunity and Access to Dispute Settlement (Winter term 2010/11)

Weissenfels, Axel

Umbrella Clauses (Winter term 2006/07)

Wiesinger, Eva

State Immunity from Enforcement Measures (Summer term 2006)

Waibel, Michael Wolfgang

Sovereign Debt Restructuring (Winter term 2003/04)

Brandstetter, Patricia

The Participation of NGOs in the WTO Dispute Settlement System (Winter term 2003/04)

Lederer, Hans

Das Subventionsregime der WTO (Winter term 2003/04)