Module Exam European Law Prof. Jaeger


General information about module exams can be found here.

Information on the substance of the oral Exam can be found here Stoffabgrenzung. Details concerning Prof. Jaeger's exam can be found in Prüfercheck der FVJus.

Side note: attending Prof. Jaeger's Exercise in European Law and passing with a positive grade are the optimal preparation for the oral exam. Attending the exercise is strongly recommended.

Organizational questions and issues concerning the Module Exam European Law ( etc) shall be addressed only to Sabine Hagen (organizational assistant of Prof. Jaeger).

Dates and modalities

Covid-19 information on upcoming module exams can be found here.

Regulations for online examinations, they have already been announced for SS 2020 are valid for all upcoming examination dates until further notice. You can find more information here.

An impression of the online oral exam procedure with Prof. Jaeger you will find here.



Good luck!