Diploma Exam

Support materials for Public International Law

Recommended Literature:

Reinisch (ed.), Österreichisches Handbuch des Völkerrechts, 5th Edition 2013, Band I+II

„Völkerrecht verstehen“ (Beham/Fink/Janik, facultas, 2015) is sufficient if a public international law material collection is used additionally.

The ability to work with a material collection (online or offline) is required.

Examination Subjects

  • Core subjects are chapters II, III, IV, X; (Sources of International Law, Subjects of International Law, State Responsibility)
  • Furthermore chapters I, V, VI, VII and XI of “Ergänzungsskriptum” by Beham/Hödl/Hofbauer
  • Chapters VIII, IX, XII of the Ergänzungsskriptum do not have to be known in detail.
  • As a supplement the slide script and the case script by Schweighofer. (The scripts are available for download on the Moodle platform. If you were not activated automatically contact rechtsinformatik@univie.ac.at)

Current Dates of Examination

Examinations take place on the following days (subject to correction):


04.10.2019, 09:00-20:00


Please send emails regarding exam cancellations to rechtsinformatik@univie.ac.at